Cheap Young Driver Car Insurance - Top Tips

Young driver car insurance can be particularly difficult to get at a cheap price. Here are our top tips to get your quote lower:

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Cheap car insurance for young drivers

Young driver car insurance can be particularly difficult to get at a cheap price. Here are our top tips to get your quote lower:

Young driver car insurance tips

1. Get a group 1 rated car

There are 50 car insurance groups with Group 1 being the lowest rated and the cheapest to insure. Group 50 cars are the most expensive to insure. If you can't find a suitable Group 1 car then at least ensure the car has a smaller engine and is not considered high performance.

2. Consider a lower value vehicle

A cheaper car can help you keep the cost lower as insurers will not have to pay out as much if your vehicle is written-off. Cheaper cars can sometimes also be cheaper to repair and to find replacements parts, something that insurers take into account when rating.

3. Avoid performance and aesthetic modifications

Any modification that improves the car performance, especially engine modifications, will inevitably add to your cost. Avoid any mods that increase the overall speed or acceleration of the vehicle.

In addition, aesthetic mods such as spoilers and body kits can make your car more desirable to thieves, which will be reflected in your insurance cost when declared.

4. Improve the security of your car

Modifications that can actually reduce your cost are security features that make your car harder to steal or get broken into. Such modifications include a car alarm, immobiliser and tracker device.

5. Get quotes for telematics (Black Box) insurance

Statistically, telematics products can work out cheaper for younger drivers, although that can become more costly as you get older. Telematics can reward safer driving and lower mileage with reduced insurance costs.

Many young drivers are wary of having a black box type device fitted as they worry about limited mileage or restrictions on use. This is certainly something you should understand beforehand and it's advisable that your read the policy conditions before buying.

Ensure your available mileage is sufficient and make yourself aware of the potential top-up cost if you need more miles during the policy term.

Some black box products may also restrict you driving at certain times, particularly at night. Again, make yourself aware of any use restrictions before buying and ensure it's the right policy for you.

Overall, telematics insurance can be a much cheaper alternative to a standard policy for young drivers and as long as you're happy with the policy terms, you should not let any concerns dissuade you from choosing this option.

6. Use a comparison site

This is a quick way to compare prices from a large part of the insurance market without having to visit each individual website.

Try our own car insurance comparison partner site which compares 100+ large and small companies to find the cheapest price available and includes Black Box and Non-Black Box products.

7. Park your car close to home

Ideally, park your car either in the locked private garage belonging to your house or on the driveway. Try to avoid parking the car on the road as you will likely see an increase in your cost.

8. Keep a clean driving record

It's hard enough getting car insurance when you're young - don't add to the problem with penalty points. Just a couple of minor speeding convictions can add around 25% to the cost of your car insurance.

9. Add a named driver

By adding a more mature and experienced NAMED driver, you can reduce your overall cost. Underwriters like having more experienced drivers on the policy.

However, never dishonestly add another driver as the main driver in order to get lower costs for yourself. This usually occurs with parents trying to help their teenage son or daughter. This is called fronting and is illegal. It is taken very seriously and can get you a hefty fine and points on your licence.

10. Build up your No Claims Bonus

Drive safely and stay claim free to build up your No Claims Bonus (Discount). Even just one year of No Claims Bonus can get you up to 25% discount. The maximum of 5+ years Bonus can yield a discount of 75% with some companies.

No Claims Bonus is the single largest factor affecting the cost of your car insurance.

11. Do an advanced driving test

Underwriters love safer drivers.  Completing the 'Pass Plus' or RoSPA Advanced Drivers test can have a positive effect on your car insurance cost. In addition, passing these advanced tests will help you drive better and reduce the possibility of you having an accident and losing your No Claims Bonus.

12. Always be honest

As tempting as it seems, you must always provide the correct information on your insurance quote. Lying on your insurance could get your cover invalidated, a large fine and points on your license. It is classed as insurance fraud and is taken very seriously.

Getting caught will mean finding insurance cover in the future very hard and potentially very costly. It's not worth the risk.

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