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AI Detecting Car Insurance Fronting

How AI Detects Car Insurance Fronting Using Social Media

How Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the detection of car insurance fronting fraud through the innovative analysis of social media data.

List of car modifications

Car Insurance Modifications List & Price Impact

A detailed list of mods together with an explanation of what they are, how they're fitted and what car insurance underwriters think about them.

Cheap cars to insure

Top 20 Cheapest Cars To Insure For Young Drivers

Affordable and reliable cars that help young drivers save on car insurance premiums.

Adding Named Driver to Car Insurance

Do Named Drivers Lower Car Insurance?

Adding a named driver doesn't necessarily mean an instant reduction in your car insurance. Find out why.

Car Insurance Questions

How Car Insurance Questions Affect Your Price

The answers you give when doing a car insurance quote are all used to calculate your price. Here's how different factors affect the cost.

Tips for Cheap Car Insurance

Car Insurance Tips To Reduce Your Quote

Tips on how to reduce your car insurance quote or renewal and why you're getting a high premium.