Motor Fleet Insurance

Insure multiple vehicles for either business or private use.

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Motor Fleet Insurance
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  • HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle Fleet
Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Quote Tips

  • Consider your specific requirements: Think about the specific needs of your fleet. Do you require coverage for different types of vehicles? What level of coverage is necessary? Tailor your insurance policy to meet your requirements.

  • Consider telematics options: Telematics systems can track your fleet's driving behaviour, which some insurance providers offer discounts for. This can promote safer driving habits and potentially lower your insurance premiums.

  • Driver training: Invest in driver training programs to improve the skills and safety of your fleet drivers. Some insurance companies offer discounts for fleets with trained drivers.

  • Secure your vehicles: Implement security measures such as alarms, immobilizers, and GPS tracking systems to reduce the risk of theft. Some insurers offer discounts for fleets with enhanced security features.

  • Fleet Management Systems: Implement fleet management systems to track vehicle usage, maintenance schedules, and driver behaviour. Some insurers may offer discounts for fleets with robust management systems in place.

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