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Taxi Quote Tips

  • Use a lower group vehicle. Insurers look at the group rating of a vehicle in order to assess risk. The lower the group, the lower your taxi insurance. Car groups range from 1 to 50 whilst van group range from 1 to 20 (pre-2016) and groups 21 to 50 (after 2016).
  • Restrict who can drive the taxi. Unlike regular car insurance where additional drivers can reduce the cost, taxi insurance often increases when adding more drivers. A single driver policy will generally be cheaper than a multi driver or any driver cover option.
  • More experience can equal lower insurance. The longer you have held your licence to be a taxi driver, the more likely it is that insurers will offer you cheaper rates. Providing proof of how long you have been driving a taxi with a local authority issued taxi licence could be beneficial in terms of lowering your insurance.
  • The area where you operate. Some taxi insurers may asses risk based on the location in which you both park your taxi and the area where you take fares. A high-risk area such as an inner-city location or driving through postcodes that have poor crime rates, provides an increased risk to the insurer which can reflect in higher premiums.

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