Motor Trade Insurance

Insurance for those who work in the automotive business.

For all types of traders insurance

Motor Traders
  • Buying & selling cars
  • Bodyshop & garage repairs
  • Restoring cars to sell
  • Valet & parking services
  • MOT certificate services
  • Car scrap & parts dealers
Motor Trade Insurance

Motor Traders Quote Tips

  • Be specific about your requirements: The reason and extent of cover you need will be a determining factor in your price. If it's simply a part-time or second job type business where you're dealing in just a couple of cars, then you may not need a fully featured motor trade policy.
  • Number of cars that need covered: Simply put, the more cars you need covered the higher your price will be. A policy covering any number of cars will be more expensive than covering one or two vehicles.
  • Number of drivers you need covered: Any driver policies will be much more expensive than insuring just one or two named drivers. Try to keep the number of people requiring cover as low as possible. Also, remember that insurance underwriters generally rate on the worst risk e.g., the youngest drivers and those that have a poor claims history or have driving convictions.
  • Don't underinsure: Although you should only pay for the cover you need, be careful to ensure you are covering all aspects of your motor trade business. It's easy to forget about requiring certain cover requirements. Don't get caught underinsuring your needs and risking your policy being invalidated.